Crisis communications

We support our customers in crisis situations, with the implementation of anticipation strategies that include brainstorming sessions, along with the development of Q&A and press releases according to different scenarios, etc. We also support you during the implementation of your crisis strategies — that is, when a crisis we did not have time to anticipate breaks out — thanks to our responsiveness with the appropriate tools.

Stilla Technologies, Yuzi Holdings and TusPark donate digital PCR Naica™ Systems to help fight coronavirus outbreak in China
Bayer, Meiogenix collaborate to accelerate agricultural innovation through the development of unique technologies
Other news
Median Technologies records its best quarterly performance and joins forces with biopharmaceutical companies in the fight against Covid-19.
HORAMA Signs Exclusive License Agreement with Leiden University Medical Center Targeting CRB1 Gene Mutations to Treat Inherited Retinal Dystrophies
Hungary and the Netherlands approve Lipiodol® Ultra Fluid for hysterosalpingography in women undergoing infertility workup
Alexis RIDEAU appointed Chief Executive Officer of DEINOVE with the ambition to strengthen the Company’s strategy for innovation and partnerships