Our services
We offer our customers comprehensive support, tailored to their needs.

Our approach is global.

A successful communication strategy is a global one. This is the focus of our approach, which allows for more consistent communications across mediums, contents, visuals and subjects, be it institutional, financial, digital or internal.

Influence communication
Advice and strategy

We make an assessment / audit of your situation and through brainstorming sessions we help you write your story and develop your key messages for the right positioning of your brand. Then, we coach you to help you tell and adapt your story to the audience you target (investors, customers, press) and we articulate your story via different tools including presentations but also through video interviews which can be published on your web site, social networks or any other medium.

Press relations in
France and abroad

We help our clients manage their press relations in France, whether in national news (print, digital and audiovisual) or in local (dailies, weeklies and monthlies), and abroad (Europe and the United States). Our personalized approach is strategic and tactical, never opportunistic. It includes the development of customized, targeted plans based on the types of news, target audiences and expected benefits.

Social-media communications

On top of press actions, we help you optimize your company’s presence on social networks: strategy, content creation (texts, images and videos), implementation and management, on a daily basis or for crisis management. We assist you in taking advantage of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in a way that is relevant and consistent with your objectives.


We organize press trips and on-site visits abroad for the French press or for foreign journalists in France. We also set up press conferences, briefings and lunches as well as roundtable meetings in France and abroad. ALIZE RP supports you in the development of all of your events, with the aim to maximize their impact.

Financial communications
Financial communications

By offering tailor-made advice, we help maximize the visibility of your one-time or periodic actions with all stakeholders. Because financial communications are constantly evolving, as a result of changing regulations and ICTs, we offer a personalized, comprehensive and complementary support to improve your visibility: economic / financial press, development of communication tools, support during financial transactions, communication with shareholders, events, strategic and sectoral monitoring.

Our transversal skills

We write or edit all of your documents in French and English: press releases, newsletters, press kits, brochures, websites and presentations. We are knowledgeable of the specific terms and market idiosyncrasies related to your industries and are able to adequately incorporate them in our documents.

Crisis communication

We support our customers in crisis situations, with the implementation of anticipation strategies that include brainstorming sessions, along with the development of Q&A and press releases according to different scenarios, etc. We also support you during the implementation of your crisis strategies — that is, when a crisis we did not have time to anticipate breaks out — thanks to our responsiveness with the appropriate tools.

Infographics and
visual identity

We respond to your infographic needs by assisting you throughout the entire creation process of your communication documents, from design to publication, and by turning your ideas into graphics, using various creative tools. Based on your specifications, we design and create your visual identity (logo, graphic charter, pictogram, etc.) and sales brochures (corporate presentation, press kit, etc.) and assist you to print your documents.